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Connecting With People - Team Communication Skills Training

Effective Business Communication Workshop

Effective Workplace Communication | Conflict Resolution | Employee Engagement | Positive Relationships

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What is the Connecting With People™ Communication Program?

Available as a one-day in-person workshop, live-virtual instructor-led program, accelerated e-course, or train-the-trainer certification program.

Empower your team members with a better understanding of how to connect better with people to produce better results, faster. Connecting With People™ is our cornerstone business and team communication skills training program. This workshop (available in-person or in an online virtual setting) produces a foundation for improved communication within your organization.

Connecting With People is based on the premise of understanding your personal communication patterns and identifying the communication patterns of others. Participants learn to make temporary behavioral modifications to better communicate and understand their team members, stakeholders, vendors, and clients.

Train-the-Trainer Certification

Connecting With People is powerful, relevant, and engaging–and it’s also easy and fun to deliver. Certifying in-house trainers is the easiest and most cost-effective way to implement Connecting With People in your organization. Our virtual Train The Trainer program equips you with tools to start implementing an in-house Connecting With People program  today.

What Does Connecting With People™ Look Like?

High-performing employees don’t just speak well; they use communication as a business tool to increase success. Through our high-impact employee communication skills training program, individuals, teams, and organizations master communication patterns and leverage those patterns to make measurable performance improvements.

Available as a half-day classroom communication workshop or an on-demand, virtual program, Connecting With People™ is a fast-paced, highly interactive communication learning program.

1. iConnect Personal Communication Assessment. Analyzes participants’ personal communication patterns, how others perceive them, and how they perceive themselves.

2. Connecting With People™ Workshop or Virtual Course. Learn to recognize others’ communication patterns, then practice making strategic temporary modifications to communicate more effectively, hold difficult conversations, and get work done more efficiently.

3. Post-Event Retention Exercises & eCoaching. Curriculum is reinforced through weekly reminder videos, an eCoaching dashboard for troubleshooting challenges, and short retention exercises. This results in participants retaining and applying skills 3x more effectively than traditional communication training programs for employees.

4. Optional: Team Connect™. This team-based program extends communication skills in a team setting by examining the communication patterns of each team member, discussing current communication barriers, and implementing regular Team Connect Huddles to reiterate communication strategies and discuss current gaps or communication barriers. Learn more about Team Connect here.

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Connecting With People™ Communication Workshop Outcomes

More Effective Communication

Easy-to-learn techniques and mindsets help participants walk away with immediately-applicable communication skills.

Long-Term Strategies

Identify and design long-term strategies to help use effective communication to achieve long-term goals.

Improve Relationships

Use more effective communication to improve relationships within the organization as well as with stakeholders, vendors, and clients.

Employee Engagement

Improve employee engagement, decrease turnover, and experience a more positive team environment.

Strategic Communication

Participants learn how to use communication as a strategic tool instead of simply a way to convey a message to others.

Maximize Employee Talent

By better understanding communication patterns your teams can better harness their talents and the talents of others.

After-Training Retention Exercises

Connecting With People™ isn’t a “one and done” business communication skills training workshop; it’s a high-impact business communication program and culture. We understand that in order for Connecting With People™ to revolutionize the way your employees approach communicating for the long-haul, we can’t simply dump the information and leave.

Leadership Choice includes a comprehensive retention and application strategy that includes weekly reminder videos, and eCoaching dashboard where participants can troubleshoot challenges and barriers, and short retention exercises.

This results in participants applying skills long-term in the workplace 3x more effectively (up to 87% skill retention and long-term application) than traditional team communication training programs.

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