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Advanced Leadership Training Program

Extend Leadership Skills in this Advanced Leadership Course
Emotional Intelligence | Innovation | Strategic Foresight | Strategic Decision Making | Presenting to Decision Makers | 1:1 Coaching

Accelerate the Effectiveness of Leaders

In this advanced leadership course, leaders learn to strategize and innovate more creatively while equipping employees with tools to independently problem solve. This combination cultivates a more creative, productive, profitable, and successful team atmosphere.

Program Outcomes:

1. Increase team innovation. Overcome thought patterns and habits in the team that prevent fresh thinking to increase innovation and creativity.

2. Unlock ideas, talent, and productivity. Facilitate a more productive and positive team environment while cultivating team members’ talents, engagement, and creativity.

3. Successfully guide change initiatives. Develop and execute strategic changes while gaining organizational buy-in, keeping your team positive and motivated, and making sure the changes stick and yield positive results.

4. Master strategic thinking and alignment. Increase your capability to develop innovative ideas that align with business strategies and goals.

Advance Leadership Program

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Training & Development Modules

The Advanced Leadership Program consists of 5 advanced leadership development modules. Each module is supported by 1:1 personal leadership coaching.

Emotional Intelligence

Understand the power of Emotional Intelligence and its positive impact on working with others

Problem Solving & Decision Making

Overcome common decision-making biases and convert decisions into actions.

Presenting to Decision Makers

Understand your audience to make persuasive presentations and gain buy-in from key stakeholders

1:1 Coaching

Partner with a personal leadership coach who individualizes curriculum from each module.


Each leader and organization has different strengths, challenges, and goals. Leaders in the Advanced Leadership Program are partnered with an executive coach who individualizes the program curriculum, ties it to existing initiatives or challenges, and creates personalized goals and development strategies.

The coach acts as a leadership co-pilot, meeting with the leader before and after each module to review, apply, advise on techniques to overcome challenges, and to strategize immediate and future leadership development actions.

This results in leaders applying skills long-term in the workplace 3x more effectively (up to 87% skill retention and long-term application) than traditional advanced leadership development programs.

Why Leadership Choice?

Leadership Choice was founded in 2008 to maximize the potential of teams and leaders to increase productivity, profitability, and employee satisfaction. With some of the best leadership development experts, organizational psychologists, content developers, business coaches, and virtual learning experts, Leadership Choice has revolutionized the delivery of training material to achieve 3X better results than traditional training.

With each program available in a classroom, virtually, or on-demand, delivery is flexible and fits into existing work responsibilities instead of detracting from them.

Our flipped classroom and coach-supported leadership development approach achieves 3x better long-term retention and on-the-job skill application than traditional leadership development programs, with over 87% of skills and mindsets on average successfully applied 6+ months post training.

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The Advanced Leadership Program combines assessments, coaching, interactive workbooks, live-virtual or classroom workshops, and follow-on retention exercises and information. Download a program overview and contact us for pricing (group rates available).

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