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Leadership Training Program

Leadership Choice’s training programs use flipped classroom learning, experiential lessons, and coaching augmentation for a program that is 3-5X more effective in producing long-lasting results than traditional leadership training programs.

Leadership Training Programs with Real, Lasting Change

Our leadership training programs achieve 3X greater measurable business impact than traditional training programs. We also offer the most flexible programs in the industry with traditional classrooms, live-virtual, and on-demand programs. Our virtual programs are led by live-instructors and can be accessed across multiple devices including tablets or smartphones.

When deciding which leadership training workshops are most suitable for you and your team, the first you should determine is what skills are most needed in order to improve performance. For instance, our Accelerated High-Potential Employee Training Program prepares individuals to take on future leadership roles within the organization; while our Advanced Leadership Training Program aims to enhance strategic thinking and innovation.

Connecting For Leaders™

Mastering Essential Leadership Skills to Improve High-Level Results

Female Leader Leading after Undergoing Leadership Development Training

High-talent leaders produce more successful teams and more positive, strategic business impact. High performing leaders aren’t based on luck. There is a proven formula for the skills and qualities an effective leader needs to elevate the success of an organization. Master the 5 proven traits of high-talent leaders to maximize the skills and performance of team members to accelerate and multiply business success.

Advanced Leadership Program™

Maximize Advanced Strategic & Innovation Skills for High-Level Business Impact

Accelerate high-performance leadership. In this 5-part leadership training program, leaders will master high-level leadership skills that add indispensable value to the company. Learn how to unlock game-changing innovations, make difficult decisions under pressure, improve strategic management, manage change, and coach employees to measurably improve business results.

High-Potential Leaders Program

Coach & Mentor High-Potential Leaders for an Strategic Leadership Pipeline

High-Potential Leader Writing on Flip-Pad During High-Potential Leadership Training Program

In this 6-month high potential leadership program, employees engage with a personal leadership coach who challenges and supports the employee in a strategic business project. This project prepares the individual to take on future leadership roles within the organization.Team members are empowered with the skill sets and mindsets that help them lead with confidence and success. 

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