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Conflict Management Training

Reducing conflict in the workplace can improve employee productivity, increase employee motivation and loyalty, and reduce stress and absenteeism.

Effects of Good Conflict Management Skills

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable, since you’re brining multiple people of different backgrounds and temperaments to work together. However, increasing team communication skills and the skills of leaders to reduce and manage conflict can decrease the effects of conflict in your organization.

Improved Relationships

Decreasing company conflict can quickly improve relationships within the company. Better relationships mean employees feel safer, happier, and more engaged at work.

Decrease Turnover

When there is reduced conflict in the workplace, employees feel more positive about their work environment. This typically leads to a decrease in employee turnover.

Increased Productivity

Many conflicts arise due to miscommunication. Using team communications to reduce conflict helps prevent ineffective or misunderstood communication, which increases productivity.

Reduce Absenteeism

Unscheduled absences can have a negative financial and productivity impact on an organization. Reducing conflict decreases unscheduled employee absences.

Improved Communication

Addressing conflict resolution techniques goes hand-in-hand with improving team communication skills. These skills increase conflict management skills and reduce conflict.

Increase Employee Engagement

An organization with excellent conflict management skills increases workplace satisfaction and employee engagement. This improves productivity and profitability.

Programs for Improving Conflict Management Skills

Effective conflict management takes good communication skills between all team members, and an environment with trust, security, and positive accountability practices. We recommend combining our Connecting With People program and Connecting For Leaders program for effective conflict management training.

Connecting With People™ Communication Program

The Connecting With People™ workshop is our award-winning communication training workshop. This communication program empowers your team members with a better understanding of their own communication patterns, the patterns of those around them, and how to connect better with people to produce better results.

Connecting With People™ is available as a:

Classroom Workshop | Live-Virtual Training | Accelerated On-Demand eCourse

Download the Connecting For Leaders Brochure

Connecting For Leaders

Connecting For Leaders is a four-module program that teaches essential leadership skills. These skills combine for a foundation of engaged, productive, and high-performing teams. This program is coach-supported, which means each participant is paired with a personal leadership coach who meets with the participant after each module. This helps accelerate and augment material, while troubleshooting particular challenges.

Connecting For Leaders Modules:

  • Connecting With People
  • Delegation
  • Inspiring Trust & Confidence
  • Performance Coaching
  • Influencing

Article: 3 Steps for Improving Team Communication in the Workplace

by Patrick Bosworth

Improving communication in your teams is one of the most important changes your organization can take. Effective communication will not only produce a more positive work environment, it will also increase productivity, employee engagement, and profitability.

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