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Increase Employee Engagement

Increasing employee engagement in the workplace is about more than boosting morale; highly engaged teams also have a significant impact on company performance.

Effects of Highly Engaged Employees in the Workplace

In a recent Gallup study, researchers found that companies with more highly engaged employees were 21% more productive, 22% more profitable, and had 60% less turnover than poorly-engaged companies.

Higher Productivity

Employees who care about and enjoy their jobs work harder and get more done. Engaged teams have lower absenteeism and are less likely to seek distractions or waste time while at work.

Higher Quality Production

Engaged employees take pride in their work. the quality of production (absence of defects) can be as much as 41% higher in engaged teams vs. poorly-engaged teams.

Increase Profitability

Better performing teams means you get more done faster and have better client relationships, which can increase sales, tighten margins, and increase profitability.

Fewer Safety Incidents

Safety is an important in many industries. When employees are better engaged, they’re less likely to make mistakes due to negligence or distraction that lead to safety incidents.

Better Customer Relationships

More engaged employees are more attentive and respectful to customers. They care more about client relationships and their personal performance, which increases customer service.

Decreased Turnover

More highly engaged employees are more satisfied with their work and more likely to stick around long-term. Engaged teams can see up to 60% lower turnover than unengaged teams.

Programs for Improving Team Communication in the Workplace

Connecting With People™ Team Communication Program

The Connecting With People™ workshop is our award-winning communication training workshop. This communication program creates a more positive and productive environment between team members, helping them to communicate more effectively, minimize conflict, and help facilitate more positive communication and connection.

Connecting With People™ is available as a:

Classroom Workshop | Live-Virtual Training | Accelerated On-Demand eCourse

Download the Connecting For Leaders Program Brochure

Connecting For Leaders – Leadership Development Program

Connecting For Leaders is a five-module program (available in classroom or online) that empowers leaders with skills and tools to create a more highly engaged work environment. Leaders will learn essential leadership skills for creating and coaching a more productive, positive, and profitable team.

This program is coach-supported, which means each participant is paired with a personal leadership development coach who will work one-on-one with the participant between modules to augment, accelerate, and personalize material.

Article: 3 Steps for Improving Team Communication in the Workplace

by Patrick Bosworth

Improving communication in your teams is one of the most important changes your organization can take. Effective communication will not only produce a more positive work environment, it will also increase productivity, employee engagement, and profitability.

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