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Why Leadership Choice?

Leadership Choice is a high-impact partner for organizations interested in exceeding their goals by maximizing the effectiveness of leaders through results-oriented management development training and individualized business coaching.

Leadership Choice was designed from decades of leadership training and coaching experience with the sole goal of making leadership learning faster, flexible, and more effective.

Our leadership learning experts have partnered with industry leaders across the nation to develop training systems, programs, and delivery methods that result in 3x better retention and on-the-job application that traditional training programs.

Coach Supported

Each participant in Leadership Choice training programs will be paired with a personal leadership coach who provides a custom learning experience and supports direct skill application on the job. This coach aligns long-term development goals with business strategy for a more relevant and immediately actionable learning experience.

Flexible Delivery

Leadership training programs are available in a traditional classroom setting, high-impact virtual environment with live instructors, or a combination of the two. Virtual programs are open enrollment and accessible nearly everywhere, making participation simple. This means no matter your company size or goals, Leadership Choice has a leadership solution for you.

Pre-Training and Post-Training Programs

Every Leadership Choice program begins with an iConnect Personal Communication Assessment and a Connecting With People learning module. This is imperative to training or coaching success because it exposes a deep level of each participant’s patterns, habits, and mindsets. This essential exercise maximizes each participant’s mindsets for training.

Leadership Choice also utilizes post-event reinforcement methods including developmental plans with supervisor integration, as well as e-learning, coaching, and convenient reinforcement platforms such as blogs, social media, and newsletters to keep past participants actively engaged long-term in their learned curriculum.

Uniquely Applicable Curriculum

While much of the Leadership Choice curriculum is traditional, personal communication patterns are also an influential piece in our curriculum model. Since leadership development is never one-size-fits-all, our curriculum teaches leaders to consider their personal communication patterns when applying new skills in order to maximize their natural strengths and overcome weaknesses.

Reinforcing this knowledge and insight with our curriculum a more natural and effective application environment for behavior-changing skill-sets and mindsets, and can drive more impactful, controlled outcomes.

Flexible Curriculum

Every organization is different, just like every leaders is different. That is why we offer custom curriculum options to build a program that specifically fits an organization’s needs. We can add to, change, or update existing curriculum based on your team’s goals and challenges.