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7 Reasons You Should Get a Leadership Coach

There are several reasons a leader may consider hiring a leadership coach. New, inexperienced, or high-potential leaders may hire with a leadership coach to learn essential leadership skills or gain confidence in a new leadership role. Seasoned leaders may...

4 Reasons to Choose Virtual Training Over Traditional

In the employee training and leadership development industry, we are seeing more and more companies transitioning to a virtual training environment. Virtual training is training that is completed online either in an on-demand or a instructor-led training...

Formula for an Effective “Flipped Classroom” Management Training

Flipped classrooms are breaking their way into the leadership development and management training industry, but what exactly is a “flipped classroom” and what does an effective flipped classroom environment look like? In a flipped classroom...

Why you Have the Wrong Idea About Delegating

Delegating can be a hassle. Trust us, we get it. It feels like it takes more time to explain how to do something than it would to just do it yourself. Not to mention when it eventually does get done, it's never quite how you would have chosen...

What Does Effective Virtual Training Look Like?

6 Qualities of Effective Virtual Training I recently watched a speaker discuss the subject of empowerment. In this speech, he made the flippant comment that "virtual training" was an oxymoron. "Don't you have to see the action to be trained by it?" the...

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Leadership By Design

We have repeatedly heard that good leaders out-produce their less able peers by 20-50 percent in profitability, productivity, employee engagement, customer engagement, and employee retention.
We sought to study if and how good leadership can be created within organizations.

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Is Communication Training Worth the Investment?

Is Communication Training Worth the Investment? The Truth Behind the ROI Of Team Communication Workshops You can't conduct business without words. That's not a miraculous discovery--we've known communication is important to business for centuries. We know that when we...

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