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Why Communication-Based Learning Makes for Better Training

Why are communication patterns important in effective management training? Here at Leadership Choice, all of our training programs begin with our Connecting With People Workshop. Not only does this workshop give each participant insight into their own personal...

The Flipped Classroom Model & Why It’s Important in Long-Term Success

The Flipped Classroom Model & Why It’s Important in Long-Term Success by Patrick Bosworth Are You Dooming your Employee Development to Failure? The Flipped Classroom Model & Why it’s Important in Long-Term Success   More and more professional learning...

What is Flipped Classroom Learning and Why Does it Matter?

by Patrick Bosworth You've probably heard about the flipped learning trend and how it's quickly becoming the training method of choice in the learning and development (L&D) industry. But what is flipped classroom learning and why is it so important to...

How to Improve Team Communication – 3 Steps

  by Patrick Bosworth   Communication in the workplace is one of the most influential aspects of business success or failure. A well-communicating team can move mountains together, while a poorly-communicating team can unintentionally (or...

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Leadership By Design

We have repeatedly heard that good leaders out-produce their less able peers by 20-50 percent in profitability, productivity, employee engagement, customer engagement, and employee retention.
We sought to study if and how good leadership can be created within organizations.

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Is Communication Training Worth the Investment?

Is Communication Training Worth the Investment? The Truth Behind the ROI Of Team Communication Workshops You can't conduct business without words. That's not a miraculous discovery--we've known communication is important to business for centuries. We know that when we...

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Developing Top Leaders – 5 Crucial Skills

by Brett Walker Are Your Leaders Part of the 10%? Try this at work: Round up any 10 managers (in your mind, the company break room or wherever they gather). Can you pick the single naturally high-talent one from the group? You heard correctly – just...

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