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Team Connect™ | Building a High-Performance Team

Skyrocket Productivity | Improve Employee Engagement | Decrease Turnover
Increase Company Profitability

Team Connect

This interactive team building communication workshop is an in-person program where a communication expert guides teams through skill sets and mindsets to help them communicate more effectively, overcome conflict, maximize talent, and increase productivity.

1. Identify Personal Communication Patterns through the iConnect Personal Communication Assessment. Participants learn how they perceive themselves, how others perceive them, and how they communicate under pressure.

2. Connecting With People™ Workshop. Participants engage in our cornerstone Connecting With People™ workshop to learn more about their communication patterns and how to communicate more effectively with others.

3. Team Profile Grid. During this exercise, team members identify and understand each other’s communication patterns and discuss inter-team communication strengths and weaknesses.

4. Stakeholder Analysis. Identify and discuss stakeholder/customer communication needs and challenges, including leveraging team strengths to maintain trust and develop better relationships.

5. Team Connect Huddles. Team leaders facilitate discussions centering on the strengths of the team, overcoming challenges, and maximizing the talents of team members.

6. Long-term Strategy. Discuss long-term team communication strategies and improvements for more efficient and effective communication with team members, stakeholders, and customers.

Team Building & Communication

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Team Connect™ Communication Program Outcomes

Greater Team Effectiveness

Better maximize the talents of each team member while increasing productivity and performance.

Long-Term Strategies

Identify and design long-term strategies to help use effective communication to achieve long-term goals.

Improve Relationships

Use more effective communication to improve relationships within the team as well as with stakeholders, vendors, and clients.

Employee Engagement

Improve employee engagement, decrease turnover, and experience a more positive team environment.

Identify Challenges

Mitigate conflict by better understanding and predicting where communications typically break down.

Team Connect Culture

Regular Team Connect Huddles reinforce communication tools to continually align actions with goals.

Team Connect™ Huddles

Team Connect™ Huddles are regular (usually weekly) short, high-impact meetings in which the leader facilitates a directed discussion reinforcing key communication concepts, identifies strengths and challenges, determines potential communication gaps, and discusses strategies to assure more efficient and effective communication.

These regular huddles reinforce Team Connect, increasing retention of information learned during the team communication program, continually aligning communication skills with short- and long-term business goals, and improving relationships and employee engagement.

The first Huddle will be facilitated by the communication trainer. Leaders will be trained to facilitate Team Connect™ Huddles.

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