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Certify Your In-House Trainers in Connecting With People™

Award-Winning Communication Program


The Connecting With People communication program transforms organizations by:

→ Igniting Employee Engagement
→ Reducing Conflict
→ Minimizing Turnover
→ Increasing Productivity

Special $195 Trainer Certification offer! Download details for more information.


Establish the award-winning Connecting With People communication program as part of your ongoing culture and curriculum.

  • Deliver in classroom, live-virtual, or on-demand eLearning


  • Simple & convenient certification


  • No yearly fees or recertification
  • Simple-to-use admin and participant dashboards
  • Highly engaging, interactive program


  • 3X Higher retention and business impact than traditional communication programs

“Connecting With People wasn’t just a communication workshop; it was a total culture shift. Our company communication improved, and even more importantly, so did our company-wide performance. We saw more come out of each team member — people were more engaged and excited to contribute to making our company more successful.

– Monica G.

About Connecting With People

Connecting With People is a simple, easy-to-implement communication development program that increases self-awareness, creates mastery in communicating with others, improves relationships with team members and clients, and maximizes performance and productivity of teams.

  • FAST PROGRAM – Whether you choose to present Connecting With People through eLearning or in a classroom, the program is fast-paced and interactive to master material without wasting time.
  • SIMPLE CURRICULUM – Connecting With People is based on self-awareness, simple tools for better understanding others, and easy techniques that immediately improve communication and interactions.
  • LONG-LASTING RESULTS – The tools presented in Connecting With People are exceptionally intuitive and practical in business applications. Immediate, positive results translate into long-term impact.

Poor Communication Costs Organizations on avg. $450k/year

Connecting With People’s team communication program can IMMEDIATELY begin resolving issues caused by poor communication.

“How has Connecting With People Program Impacted You or Your Organization?”

“Connecting With People wasn’t just a communication workshop; it was a total culture shift. Our company communication improved, but so did our company-wide performance. Relationships saw significant improvement, conflict decreased, and we saw team members more engaged in success and contributing more of their talents and ideas to [our company].

– Monica G.


“It gave us a common language for talking about communication and how to speak with more impact with other people in the organization and with clients. We can understand each other better and can we address conflicts more smoothly with clients. If we had done Connecting With People earlier, I think there  there are at least a dozen issues we probably could have avoided.”

– Alan R.


Connecting With People™ Outcomes

Connecting With People is simple to teach, easy to learn, and provides participants with immediate mindsets and techniques to improve communication skills and overall professional performance.

More Effective Communication

Participants walk away immediately with communication techniques and mindsets that improve lifelong performance.

Conflict Management

Reduce the chance that conflicts will escalate and adopt skills and insights to more quickly achieve resolution.

Improve Relationships

Use more effective communication to improve relationships with team members, stakeholders, vendors, and clients.

Employee Engagement

Improve employee engagement, decrease turnover, and experience a more positive team environment.

Influencing Others

Become more strategic communicators to better influence higher performance, change initiatives, and sales.

Maximize Employee Talent

Better understand and utilize the talents of team members of existing team members and newly recruited employees.

3 Easy Delivery Methods

Pick a delivery method — or combination of delivery methods — that best fits your organization.


Traditional half-day classroom workshop approach facilitated by a Leadership Choice Trainer or one of your certified in-house trainers. This workshop is a highly-engaging, interactive learning environment great for group learning, on-site teams, and employee development.

Live -Virtual

The Live-Virtual Connecting With People workshop uses a live instructor in a virtual classroom with other Connecting With People participants. Content is dynamic and engaging. This can be facilitated by a Leadership Choice Trainer or by your certified in-house trainer.

On-Demand eLearning

Based in an online, interactive environment, the on-demand workshop is fast, easy, and inexpensive. Participants work at their own pace through accelerated online material to learn basic skills and tools. This is a good option for organizations needing high flexibility.

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