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Why Leadership Choice?

Let us empower your organization with real, long-lasting results. You’ll never look at employee and leadership training programs the same again.

  • 3-4X More Effective.
    Our training participants retain on average 83-87% of the material after 6 months post-training (that’s 3-4X higher than the industry standard of 23-34%).
  • Flexible Delivery Options
    Our programs are available in-classroom, in a virtual online setting with live instructors, or in an on-demand virtual training platform.
  • A Leadership Coach for Every Participant.
    Every leadership development participant is paired with an experienced business coach to guide them through the material while personalizing the learning to the individual and to the organization.

Delivery Options

Each of our leadership development and employee communication training programs are available in several convenient delivery methods. Choose to host an expert Leadership Choice trainer for traditional classroom training, participate in our live instructor-led virtual training, or train your in-house trainers with Leadership Choice training content.

Flexible Virtual Training

Flexible training with live facilitators, group discussions, and rich media elements. Access on any device with an internet connection.

Traditional Classroom

Prefer an in-person training event? We will send our professional development experts to facilitate a classroom training workshop.

Certify Your Trainers

Certify your own in-house trainers with Leadership Choice material and processes to strengthen your existing training program.

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Delegating can be a hassle. Trust us, we get it. It feels like it takes more time to explain how to do something than it would to just do it yourself. Not to mention when it eventually does get done, it's never quite how you would have chosen...

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What Does Effective Virtual Training Look Like?

6 Qualities of Effective Virtual Training I recently watched a speaker discuss the subject of empowerment. In this speech, he made the flippant comment that "virtual training" was an oxymoron. "Don't you have to see the action to be trained by it?" the...

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Why Communication-Based Learning Makes for Better Training

Why are communication patterns important in effective management training? Here at Leadership Choice, all of our training programs begin with our Connecting With People Workshop. Not only does this workshop give each participant insight into their own personal...

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