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When It Comes to Managing Others

90% of People Struggle

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Flexible Delivery


Our management development programs can be delivered in a classroom, in a high-impact virtual setting, or a combination of both. This means our programs are accessible to all leaders, regardless of schedule or location.
Faster Results


Our revolutionary training system creates a learning environment in which managers, leaders, and high-potential employees learn faster and are immediately equipped to effectively apply new skillsets and mindsets on the job.
3X More Effective


Our proven teaching method combined with personalized coaching outperforms traditional learning environments over 3x with better retention and on-the-job application than traditional training programs.


Our management development programs accelerate the effectiveness of managers and leaders–helping them better meet their business needs today and beyond. This proven, breakthrough approach to management development and leadership training provides flexible delivery to meet demanding schedules and backs this with individual coaching that reinforces and ensures that what is learned is applied back on the job.

Manager Programs

Get 3x better retention and on-the-job application Our combination of workshops, interactive workbooks, training, boss engagement, and personal leadership coaching results in better retention and on-the-job application than traditional training programs. Each program is patterned to result in immediate and measurable business improvement.

Coaching Support

Increase impact through one-on-one leadership coaching One-on-one coaching build leaders’ capabilities to achieve goals within an organization. Our purpose is to facilitate the development and growth of a company through strong team members. We offer programs for training application, leadership development, and executive leadership.

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Connecting With Peopleis what we do

circle-4Connecting With People is our award-winning, four-part training that reveals how you communicate with others (and how that shifts under stress), teaches how you can modify your patterns to communicate differently to accomplish the results you need, delivers rich interactive training content, and personalizes it with professional coaching.

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Trainer Certification 

We also offer a virtual trainer certification for organizations wanting to run Connecting With People training for themselves. For more details, click here.


High-Impact Virtual

Effective and ultra-flexible virtual platform

Enjoy flexible learning with live instructors in a virtual, group setting. Participants are individually supported by a personal leadership coach for advanced retention and application. This management development program is ideal for remote, small, or distributed groups.

We combine assessments, eLearning, interactive workbooks, live virtual training sessions, and personal leadership coaching.


Traditional classroom setting

Traditional classroom learning enhanced by one-on-one guidance from a personal leadership coach. This program is ideal for companies with a larger group of leaders who are centrally located or for whom traveling to a central location makes sense.

This program model combines assessments, live classroom training sessions, interactive workbooks, and personal leadership coaching.


Merging classroom and virtual

Combines the traditional classroom setting with a more flexible virtual setting, all with the guidance of a personal leadership coach. This program is ideal for companies that can accommodate bringing their leaders together for a purposeful amount of classroom training.

We combine assessments, classroom training, interactive workbooks, live virtual training sessions, and personal leadership coaching.


Our program combines training and coaching—an approach unique to Leadership Choice. We assign each participant a personal leadership coach who guides them through each training program. Building on what is learned in the training, the coach acts as a resource for personalizing curriculum to adapt the program to each participant’s individual circumstances, accelerating business impact. The coach also helps to engage the participant’s boss or supervisor in the learning and retention process and helps facilitate the application of new skills to achieve short- and long-term business and development goals.

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