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Supervisors, managers, and high-potential employees


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Connecting For Leaders

Maximizing Leadership Ability for Business Impact

The right skills and mindsets rapidly expand a leader’s effectiveness. By accelerating self-awareness around personal strengths and the communication dynamics associated with managing others, participants learn to “multiply self” by delegating more effectively, to increase team efficiency and time management, to enhance team skills and performance, and to become more assertive and successful at influencing the organization.

Leaders will learn to lead with more skills and confidence, increasing the efficiency of their teams and creating positive business results.

Leadership Essentials Curriculum

Over multiple weeks of training and coaching for greater individualized learning, participants gain in-depth experience with each of the 5 leadership modules below:

  1. Connecting With People
    Communicate more effectively while easily resolving conflict
  2. Inspiring Trust & Confidence
    Develop your personal leadership brand and build trust and accountability
  3. Delegating
    Increase team efficiency while developing members of your team
  4. Performance Coaching
    Give skillful and productive performance feedback to improve results
  5. Influencing
    Gain support for ideas and initiatives while overcoming resistance from others

Program Outcomes

  • A 70% higher ROI for training dollars invested (based on deliberate pacing to ensure skills are truly transferred).
  • Highly relevant approach reduce team turnover and leads to more engaged teams.
  • Personal coaching promotes individualized learning by giving participants steady, sustained support to ensure concepts are understood and applied.